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Workout Lesson


Cucumber Sammies C 4g P 22.5g F 8.5g Cal 184 Makes 5- Eat 5


  • 3/4 oz (21g) "Kraft" reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese

  • 3 ounce (85g) "Hormel" Natural Choice smoked deli turkey

  • 10 slice (70g) cucumber


  • Slice cheese into about ten 1-inch square slices.

  • To assemble each sandwich, lay out 1 cucumber slice and top with 2 slices cheese and 1 slice of folded deli meat. Top with another cucumber slice. Repeat five times to use up all of the ingredients.


  • Hint: if it’s easier, slice the cheese into 5 pieces rather than 10 and layer each cucumber sandwich with 1 thicker slice of cheese. Slice the cucumber on the thick side to make a sturdy base for the fillings!

  • It’s best to eat these sandwiches within a few hours assembling (so the cheese doesn’t get soggy). If meal prepping for the week, measure and slice the individual ingredients and store in zip-top bags until ready to enjoy.

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